Rhythm Pulze 13th annual show on 24th April, 2016 at Prakash Auditorium, Vastrapur

Rhythm Pulze before it became an academy and a movement, started off as a small idea in the minds of a man with a passion for percussion music. Akul Raval, the founder of Rhythm Pulze has been a man closely associated with Hindi Film Music since a tender age. From banging on tin oil cans with spoons to playing impeccable percussions and octapad, he has come a long way. With the aim of teaching people about rhythms, he started Rhythm Pulze as a place to impart training for percussion music. Over the years, Rhythm Pulze grew with more and more people taking interest in the lesser known dimensions of music. Rhythms flowed in more and more minds as people, small and big started learning percussions.

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