About Us

Rhythm Pulze Academy

Rhythm Pulze before it became an academy and a movement, started off as a small idea in the minds of a man with a passion for percussion music. Akul Raval, the founder of Rhythm Pulze has been a man closely associated with Hindi Film Music since a tender age. From banging on tin oil cans with spoons to playing impeccable percussions and octapad, he has come a long way. With the aim of teaching people about rhythms, he started Rhythm Pulze as a place to impart training for percussion music. Over the years, Rhythm Pulze grew with more and more people taking interest in the lesser known dimensions of music. Rhythms flowed in more and more minds as people, small and big started learning percussions.

Cut to the present times, with 3 reality shows: India’s Got Talent (Colors TV), Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (Sony TV) and Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz (Life OK) in its kitty, Band Rhythm Pulze has become a well known name for music lovers. With performances that only have jugalbandhis and fusions to dedicated shows on R.D. Burman himself, Band Rhythm Pulze has done it all. Akul Raval began with the vision of spreading music and its intricacies to people all over and has been successful in doing so. Band Rhythm Pulze has today performed at some of the most elite venues and institutes around India; Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and Natarani Theatre to name a few.

Today, Rhythm Pulze has successfully taken up making its own instruments and has already been able to make 43 new and innovative instruments or cloned instruments not available freely. These instruments are researched and made by Akul Raval and his team to perfection. Along with making their instruments, Akul Raval and Band Rhythm Pulze also initiated the ‘Percussion Awareness Programmes’ where they visit various schools and organizations to impart knowledge about percussion instruments in specific and music in general to people young and old. Band Rhythm Pulze also performs specially designed Fusion Music shows where they display their excellent jugalbandhi skills with innovative brilliance to churn out music that you don’t listen, but feel.

With a large reverence for Panchamda a.k.a R.D. Burman, Band Rhythm Pulze has performed shows only and only dedicated to Panchamda at a number of places. These performances highlight the small nuances in the music of R.D.Burman and take the listeners down memory lane like never before. Akul Raval has also been able to successfully mobilize the participation of girls in playing percussion music. So much so, that he created the First Only Girls Band in Gujarat by training a number of girls in music. It is incidental then that this Girls band has been recently selected to participate in the reality show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega on Sony TV.

Band Rhythm Pulze has thus set a name for itself in the field of music. Their shows are a pure display of sheer practice and precision. With a number of new and innovative projects down the line, it is sure that they shall be flying even higher.As one of their listeners once remarked, ‘Inke sangeet mein jaan hai’. (Their music has life in it.)